So many paths

November 2014

Hello, friends. I wonder if you'll be surprised to see me back here in the blogosphere. Last February, I really thought I had come Full Circle in my life enough to close this one out. Turns out I hadn't. I just went down a different path for a while.

Anyway, I'm back.

The place where I currently work is located on a private little peninsula on Lake Norman. The grounds are beautiful and mostly wooded, with a paved walking path around the lake. It's beautiful. I started working there in March, and whenever I can, I get out there and walk. Even if only for ten minutes.

Some days, I try to focus on walking for exercise. Other days are just "me time" and I make a conscious effort to observe the beauty around me and the turtles sunning on the fallen trees; to hear the sounds of leaves rustling or geese honking; to feel the breeze and the sunshine -- all that.

Some days I walk with my eyes on the ground in an attempt to dodge the goose poop.

Some days, I get out my iPhone and take photos. Like these:

October 2014

May 2014

Some days, one (or more) of my work friends comes along and we talk about whatever: work challenges, our families and "real" lives, our hopes and dreams.

But most days I'm alone. And when I'm walking alone, I pray a lot. Silently, of course.

I've witnessed winter turn into spring, spring turn into summer, and summer turn to fall. Now winter is almost here again, and I realize . . . dang, there's another one of those circle things! It's coming around. Again.

And so am I.  :)

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