Friday, February 24, 2012

The farmer and his tractor save the day

Once upon a time, it was raining, and wet in places it normally isn't wet. And we got stuck in a little ditch.
Fortunately, we know this farmer who has a really cool red tractor.
The farmer & his helpers attached a chain to the tractor and vehicle . . .
. . . and the farmer & his tractor pulled that sucker out of the ditch. Everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The wonder of it all

One night at the conference, we had a special event at the Georgia Aquarium. I had a blast! (Thankfully, they didn't serve sushi at the hors d'oeuvres table.)

It was really neat how so many of the fish and other sea creatures would come right up to the glass and then sort of "stand" still, as if to say: "Take my picture!"

I was totally enchanted by this graceful little creature. It's called a seadragon -- I didn't even know such a thing existed! It comes from Australia. (Of course!)

Lots of people in my family are penguin fans. So this one's for you! These "cool" little penguins are from southern Africa.

I happened to catch this photo at the same time some folks were looking up at the huge Manta Ray . . . it really illustrates the wondrous feeling I got (and others seemed to get) as they walked through the glass tunnel. Despite the large number of different fish and other creatures in the big tank, everyone got along perfectly. When you see something like this, you can't help but wonder stuff like: Why can't us land creatures get along? What can we learn from you, who in many cases are wayyyyy older than we are?

Just a tiny bit of aquarium philosophy there for you. :)


I spent five days in Atlanta last week with my work team as we attended a conference. We stayed at the Omni CNN Center, which was really cool because we were in the same facility where CNN broadcasts several of its shows. One afternoon when the conference agenda was empty, some of us took a tour of CNN. We didn't see anyone famous on the tour, but we got to see the Election Center and were able to get a sort of sideways glance of Richelle Carey as she was doing her thing (she was texting during the commercials - haha!)

The conference was one of the best ones I've attended. My instructional design colleagues will appreciate the fact that I spent two days in a room with [a very famous person in our field], and was able to get a certificate in performance consulting. The conference sessions were also very informative.

Other highlights of the trip included: 1) getting to know my new colleagues a little better; 2) earning several more credits toward my Taco Mac, um, degree program; and 3) dining at a wonderful restaurant in Mid-Town called Gilbert's Mediterranean Café, where I had the most delicious paella this side of the Atlantic ocean. Why, I'd go back to Atlanta sometime just to have another meal at this place. So if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, I hope you'll check it out!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The new gig

I started a new job (with a new company) last Monday. It's not just a new company for me, it's an entirely new industry! I'm sure I'll be learning a lot over this next phase of my career.

Here are a couple of things I'm especially excited about:
  • I now work in a LEED-certified ("green") building! How cool is that?!!
  • My new company places a huge focus on employee wellness. This means all sorts of healthy stuff is going on, like Fruit Fridays, weight loss programs, yoga classes, etc.  For everything I choose to do, I can earn points to use for things such as extra time off, gift cards, tech tools, etc.
  • I can walk to my favorite shopping mall -- it's only a couple of blocks away!
True, I now have a 40-45 minute commute (twice what I had before). I miss my carpool buddy. I have to get up between 5:30-6:00AM -- Egads!!! - but (deep breath now) it's all good. I'm excited about the work I'm going to be doing, and very, very happy to working with this new company! :)