I spent five days in Atlanta last week with my work team as we attended a conference. We stayed at the Omni CNN Center, which was really cool because we were in the same facility where CNN broadcasts several of its shows. One afternoon when the conference agenda was empty, some of us took a tour of CNN. We didn't see anyone famous on the tour, but we got to see the Election Center and were able to get a sort of sideways glance of Richelle Carey as she was doing her thing (she was texting during the commercials - haha!)

The conference was one of the best ones I've attended. My instructional design colleagues will appreciate the fact that I spent two days in a room with [a very famous person in our field], and was able to get a certificate in performance consulting. The conference sessions were also very informative.

Other highlights of the trip included: 1) getting to know my new colleagues a little better; 2) earning several more credits toward my Taco Mac, um, degree program; and 3) dining at a wonderful restaurant in Mid-Town called Gilbert's Mediterranean Café, where I had the most delicious paella this side of the Atlantic ocean. Why, I'd go back to Atlanta sometime just to have another meal at this place. So if you ever find yourself in Atlanta, I hope you'll check it out!

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