Lettuce spray

Here's an updated photo of the square foot raised bed garden. As you can see, we have an abundance of leaf lettuce. In fact, it seems the more I cut, the more we have. The head lettuce is a little more slow, but the 2-3 heads are looking very healthy. All of these were sowed from seeds back in April. The smaller plants in upper right quadrant are transplanted lettuce seedlings, so we should have more lettuce in the coming weeks.

Something got into the kale and Swiss chard, so I replaced it with some pepper plants (Hungarian hot wax, jalapeno, and a variety of green pepper whose name now eludes me). Some of these plants already have itty bitty peppers on them. I also added a cauliflower plant and a broccoli plant. Never tried to grow either of those before, so it will be interesting to see what happens. I'm hoping the critters will decide they don't like these plants!

Most of the plants in the new raised bed are doing well. The one exception seems to be the snow peas. They are refusing to climb up the lattice, and instead, seem to be sending their feelers toward the ground. I have no idea why, but am chalking it up to experience.

The herbs and tomatoes are thriving. I can't believe how the tomato plants have grown in one month. See here for the photos of 9 May for comparison. We've got some flowers on the tomato plants. Can tomatoes be far behind? I hope not, because I need something to put on my lettuce!

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