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2008 in review

Winter solstice

Vienna Fingers

Christmas ticky tacky

Free food in Mariandy's backyard!

Hair salons I have known

O Christmas tree

More dental adventures

I'd rather have a root canal

Thanksgiving at Mariandy's

My latest obsession

Local food

Winter's approach

Easy being green, part 2

Misha's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Easy being green, part 1

The day before

The long journey home

I meant the Rivercat

Tag, I'm it

Taking the Jetcat

Sculptures by the sea

Paddington market

The Land Down Under

Stinky tofu, frogs egg tea, and the raid at the night market

Sleepless in Taipei

Asia's largest underground shopping mall

Runner wannabe

Hammocks and fallen leaves

Everyday weirdness

If you're going to San Francisco . . .

Change of seasons

How 'bout them apples?

Girl attacked by giant shrimp