O Christmas tree

For the second year in a row, someone has put up a lighted tree on the far side of the pond behind our house. We're not sure who puts this up exactly, because we've never seen anyone out there that far. Hmm. Maybe we've got elves in suburbia?

This was the view yesterday at around 4:45PM as it was starting to get dark. Not the best photo (my Sony Cybershot has its limitations) but it accurately represents our view. Everytime I look out the window and see this tree, it makes me smile.

It makes me go back in time, and I recall some of my earliest memories. Up until I was four years old, we lived in Wilmington, North Carolina - home of the world's largest living Christmas tree (or so goes the claim).  Several nights a week, my Dad would drive us over to see the tree, and then we'd just ride around town and look at all the other lights and decorations. (Eventually, I'd fall asleep, which is probably the main reason we were out riding around. LOL!)

For the few years after we moved away, we'd still visit Wilmington every December, and we'd always make a point to go see the tree. Over time, our annual visits became every-other-year visits, until finally we stopped going. I can't remember for certain the last time I saw the tree, but I was probably a teenager. (While writing this entry, it occurred to me that I wasn't even sure if the tree is still there, so I Googled it. Sure enough, they just had their 79th Lighting Ceremony this past Thursday night. So maybe I'll get to see it again someday.)

Until then, I'll enjoy the cheerful little tree across the pond.

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