The long journey home

I said goodbye to Sydney on Friday. The trip home took about 20 hours (and that was just the flying time, not the waiting around at airports time). I had three flights, from Sydney to San Francisco, from San Francisco to Chicago, and then from Chicago to Indy. Ironically, although I left Sydney around 3PM Friday, I got home at 11PM Friday. Yet from the plane I saw day turn into night - twice. Such is the enigma of crossing the International Date Line.

Thankfully, my flights were all on time and pretty much uneventful. Well, there was the crazy lady on the flight to Indy . . . a first class passenger who was arguing with the flight attendant over his request to put her purse in the overhead compartment. She held up our flight at least 5 minutes, but we still arrived on time.

Despite the very long "day" I was unable to sleep. So I came home exhausted! I slept until almost noon today, and spent the better part of the day in my pajamas. Call it jet lag. It'll take me several days to get back on Eastern USA time.

I just went back and added some photos to the blogs I wrote while I was away. So you might want to go back and see them - starting with Asia's largest underground shopping mall.

It's good to be home. I'm not planning on going anywhere for a while. And that's just fine with me.

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