Taking the Jetcat

For the past three days, I've taken a taxi to work every morning. It's about a 30-45 minute ride from the hotel and the office. I try to be productive during this time by checking emails on the Blackberry, reviewing my daily schedule, and even making some phone calls. Because other than crossing three bridges, noticing the cool cars at the Holden dealership, and passing a restaurant called The Austrian Schnitzelhaus, the ride is pretty boring.

The ride home, however, is quite exciting. I just get one of my coworkers to drop me off at the dock. There I hop on one of Sydney Ferry's "Jetcat" catamarans and sail from Meadowbank to Circular Quay. It takes about 30 minutes and is the smoothest ride I've ever had on water. (For those of you who are so keenly aware of my lack of sea legs - my experience is mercifully NOT the same on the Jetcat. LOL!) It only costs A$5.50 so it's a bargain, too.

The weather was really *hot* the first day I took the Jetcat, so I stood on deck and let the wind blow through me. Yesterday, it was a little cooler, so I sat inside with the masses. I'll probably be back inside today, since it's misty-raining. But I'd prefer this to a taxi no matter what type of weather!

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