Change of seasons

This morning I went out on the back porch to drink my coffee, and I noticed a familiar crispness in the air. Breathing in, it hit me . . . the first day of Fall was a few days ago. Then I looked up and saw a branch of prematurely red maple leaves, and couldn't help but smile. Fall is my favorite season, and it's here! Woo-hoo!

I love Fall! I love the dramatic color changing of the leaves, the colorful pumpkins and mums and Indian corn, the cool nights and not-so-hot days. I love getting out my "cool weather" clothes and wearing long sleeves again. I love making caramel apples and drinking hot apple cider and watching Colts football games on Sunday afternoons. I love going for long walks in the woods. I even love it when people decorate their homes and yards for Halloween, even though I would NEVER do that. 

OK, well, I'll put a pumpkin out. Or two. We'll see. :-)

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