Girl attacked by giant shrimp

It happened in the parking lot at Ella's Restaurant in Calabash, North Carolina last Tuesday night.  We'd just eaten lots of fried (Carolina style) shrimp, fish, clam strips, crabs, and oysters and everyone was quite content. As we exited the restaurant, we were surrounded by giant plastic sea creatures. One of them grabbed my 12 year-old niece. After a struggle, she escaped unharmed. It sure was a close call.

I know I'm supposed to be writing about my life in Indiana. But the fact is, I just returned to the USA 11 days ago after being gone for 6 months. I've had people to see and other places to go besides Indiana. Like the Carolinas, home of my peeps. 

But I'm back in the Hoosierland now. 

Welcome to my new blog. If you enjoyed The Wienerschnitzel Diary . . . well, OK, this one is probably not going to be that exciting. But I'll try. After all, I do have a unique angle planned: recent world traveler attempts to settle down in the middle of America. Can it be done? Stay tuned!

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