Tomatoes and peppers, oh my!

This is our first "Early Girl" tomato . . . OK, maybe not so early if you're further South or somewhere with more direct sunshine, but I think she's beautiful! We also have Roma tomatoes (below) and teeny-tiny Cherokee Purples and Grape tomatoes. No sign of any Cherry tomatoes at this point.

Roma tomatoes are probably my favorite for making sauces and salsa, so I really hope this plant produces! We tried growing Romas from seeds last year, but without success. So this year, we bought all our tomato plants as seedlings.

The peppers are also looking good. I picked our first Hungarian Wax this afternoon and we had it in our dinner salad tonight. We've also got Jalapenos (below) and one golf-ball sized Green Bell pepper. AND . . . our single broccoli plant has broccoli in it now! It's only the size of a silver dollar, but looks perfect. Unfortunately, no action yet on the cauliflower plant.

Gardening is fun! Especially when it's time to reap what you sow. :-)

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