The wonder of it all

One night at the conference, we had a special event at the Georgia Aquarium. I had a blast! (Thankfully, they didn't serve sushi at the hors d'oeuvres table.)

It was really neat how so many of the fish and other sea creatures would come right up to the glass and then sort of "stand" still, as if to say: "Take my picture!"

I was totally enchanted by this graceful little creature. It's called a seadragon -- I didn't even know such a thing existed! It comes from Australia. (Of course!)

Lots of people in my family are penguin fans. So this one's for you! These "cool" little penguins are from southern Africa.

I happened to catch this photo at the same time some folks were looking up at the huge Manta Ray . . . it really illustrates the wondrous feeling I got (and others seemed to get) as they walked through the glass tunnel. Despite the large number of different fish and other creatures in the big tank, everyone got along perfectly. When you see something like this, you can't help but wonder stuff like: Why can't us land creatures get along? What can we learn from you, who in many cases are wayyyyy older than we are?

Just a tiny bit of aquarium philosophy there for you. :)

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