Leave the flip-flops at home

Does anyone remember a couple of summers ago when the national lacrosse champions from Northwestern went to the White House and some of the players got dinged for wearing flip-flops? I have to admit, at the time that story came out, I thought . . . what a waste of news story space. I mean, they were university students, and it was summer. Who cares? Well, I've changed my mind.

People. Flip-flops are for beaches, or pools, or slouching around the farmers' market or the mall. They're for patios and grocery stores and camp sites. They are not for work. At least not in the corporate center of a major employer based in the midwestern United States of America. 

Flip-flops should not be worn at the office. Period. And neither should cropped pants. But that's a whole other blog entry. :-)

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