Book update . . . and new book

Oh, the joys of living with dyslexia. I had NO IDEA how long the book editing process would take. After spending 16 hours on it last weekend, I thought I was finished. I even ordered several advanced copies of the book to give to my parents and a few other people. But when the most recent proof arrived, it was full of errors. Small errors, but errors nonetheless.

Publication of The Wienerschnitzel Diary is on hold for a few more weeks. With luck, I can put this project behind me by Thanksgiving. Maybe I should consider hiring a professional editor next time.

In the meantime, the writing continues. I'm about to start my first novel in conjunction with National Novel Writing Month. The tentative title is The Code. It's a young adult novel. The goal is to be proof-ready by 30 November in accordance with National Novel Writing Month's guidelines. We'll see how it goes!

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