A new adventure

A few months ago S & I decided to do some volunteer work with our local Habitat for Humanity. I blogged about my first experience in Fear Not The Nail Gun (which if I had to do over again I would have titled If I Had a Hammer. Maybe next time.) Anyway, we've had a blast working with Charlotte Habitat, and decided to join them on an upcoming trip to El Salvador. We started out by going to an informal "info session" at the end of last year, and it wasn't a difficult decision once we met the group leader and another person who'd been many times. The reservations have been made and the plane tickets have been bought. The trip is a go.

Last night, we had our first group dinner at a local Salvadoran restaurant and met several other people who are going. Most of us sampled El Salvador's most famous dish (pupusa) and drank Salvadoran cerveza. Dinner was muy delicioso . . . and quite cheap (both of us ate for $12.40, including tip). I'm definitely going back to this restaurant.

The volunteers range in age, experience, and background. Most if not all have international travel experience. At least two have Peace Corps experience. Several have been on previous trips to El Salvador with Habitat, and it will be our volunteer coordinator's fourteenth trip. There were some very interesting stories and tips shared around the table. :-)

Looking forward to this new adventure! Will tell you all about it when we get back.

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