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Snow peas
This past weekend, we assessed the results of our February and March plantings . . . and we ate some. The bok choy and rapini had gone to seed, but we cut the good parts off and ate them anyway. :-) They were delicious. I was disappointed not to have more, but at least we got a decent meal from them. Our lettuce never really did anything . . . mostly because it rained (flooded, actually) a few days after we planted it. The deer ate the spinach and kale. The early peas fizzled out for some unknown reason (making them prime candidates for pea green salad). There were times when I felt like a dismal failure as a farmer.

But then I saw the carrots, beets, peppers, onions, potatoes, Swiss chard and various herbs. All of those are looking great and on track so far. The chard and potatoes could actually be eaten now, but I'm going to give them a couple more weeks to let them mature just a little more.

The snow peas are from my Mom and Dad's garden. Their garden looks so much better than ours! My Mom gets out there everyday and hoes the weeds away and breaks up the dirt so the veggies can "breathe." It really helps the plants. (I'd like to get out there everyday, but I'm just a weekend farmer.)

This weekend, I transplanted about two dozen tomato seedlings (several different varieties, including Amish Paste, Fresh Salsa, and some orange, pink, and even a black variety). I also planted five types of beans; two types each of watermelons, squash, cantaloupes; pumpkins; and some herb seedlings. In the meantime, Sandy planted three very long rows of sweet corn.

So now we wait. Again. And we hope. Such is the way of the farmer. :-)

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