10 things I'll miss about the city apartment

As our time in the "city apartment" draws to a close and we prepare to move out to Suburbialand, I thought I'd take a few minutes to consider 10 things I'll miss about living here in the apartment. (There's also a 10 things I won't miss list -- if I can indeed narrow it down to 10 things -- but that's a future entry.)

1. Living in the city. We're just a few miles from downtown (or uptown, whatever) and on a main street, so it feels alive here.

2. Being within walking distance of so many things: three shopping centers, two grocery stores, countless restaurants, a movie theater, a great independent bookstore, my massage therapist, a fabulous cupcakery . . . even a bowling alley. Not that I've taken advantage of everything, but still. 

3. Freedom Park. We took the dogs here a lot when the weather was nice. It's such a pretty park, and the walk around the lake was just the right distance for the dogs to be exhausted afterward.

4. Being just a short drive away from SouthPark Mall, which is one of the best places to shop in the Carolinas. Seriously. I mean, that's where the Apple Store is, for goodness sakes. :-)

5. Daily trash & recycling pickup at our door. All we had to do was put the trash in the black bag and the recyclables in the clear bag, tie it up, and leave it at the door. Every night around 8PM, the "waste concierge" would come pick it up. No muss, no fuss!

6. The bamboo floors and granite countertops. OK, lame, maybe. But for the last 10 months, we've been living in a so-called luxury apartment. Although our new place is going to be very nice, it doesn't have either of those two "vanity" features.

7. The European-style toilets. Since this is a "green" apartment building, we have low-flow toilets. You know, the ones with the two buttons on top, where the little button is for pee and the big button is for poo. I really like these toilets, and I think they should be required everywhere. By law. I mean, come on, why not? It saves a ton of water AND you can barely hear it when it flushes.

8. Briar Creek. It runs behind the apartment, and on nights when the weather's good you can open up the windows, and hear the Frog & Insect Orchestra playing along to the babbling brook.

9. Stainless steel appliances. I like stainless steel appliances, even if they get fingerprints on them (because they do, even when they say they don't.) Our new appliances will be black. Well, that's not bad. At least they're not avocado green and from 1972.

10. The saltwater swimming pool. It's true that I haven't frequented it. But it's there. Maybe I should go jump in. Right now.

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