Easter bunny

Our neighbor at the farm found this cute little baby bunny Friday night, but couldn't find the mom, so brought it over to see if we could help it. Baby bunny was so tiny, I could hold him or her in the palm of my hand, and feel its heartbeat. We called him/her the Easter bunny, and tried keeping it healthy with fresh water and clover. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday went by and we thought bunny was adjusting to captivity. We had even found an adoptive home for the bunny, and its new human "mom" was going to take it home soon.

Unfortunately, baby bunny passed away today. I'm not sure of the details, but perhaps he or she just missed his mom and old life too much. This is the way of nature sometimes. I'm glad that I met the Easter bunny, and glad it made it through the Easter weekend . . . but I'm sad now. :(

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