Hello, 2013

Here we are in a brand new year! We're enjoying our holiday, but also thinking about the year ahead and what it holds. There are lots of things we can't control, e.g., whether or not we jump off a fiscal cliff. But there are a few things we do have some control over. This is why some of us make new year's resolutions.

Last year, my big 'resolution' was to lose weight, and I did. I plan to continue that this year, but I also want to work on something else: becoming more intentional about where my money goes! So heads up, everyone: my days of wild shopping sprees and thoughtless spending are over! If you remember how focused I was on losing weight last year, well, I'm going to be the same this year regarding money. Mariandy is now officially a tightwad. I'm probably going to be blogging about it, too. Consider yourself warned! :)

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