Lost in the stacks

Actually this building isn't a library. I'm in the library, looking out the window at a building across the way.
My new budget doesn't have a line item for books. But that's OK. I have a library card! I can get just as "lost" in a library as I can in a bookstore. I occasionally like to wander the stacks on the second floor of the Morrison branch of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library. I know. I'm such a geek.

One of my earliest library memories involves going to Saturday morning story time at the library in the town where I grew up. The librarian read The Mouse and The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. (Isn't it funny how the brain remembers certain things? LOL! I was probably only about five years old then!) And I became hooked on the library!

Our local library had a bookmobile, which was especially nice for those of us who lived outside the city limits. Two very friendly "lady librarians" drove it all over the county. Every third Monday at about 4:45pm, they'd pull into the dirt parking lot of the little store down at the crossroads, sounding their funny "bookmobile horn" which could be heard for miles away. (Some people grew up with ice cream truck sounds. I grew up with the bookmobile sound.)

I think I read every Nancy Drew mystery that had been published up until that time, along with all the Little House on the Prairie books and most of Andre Norton's Witch World series. Hmm, even then I was a rather eclectic reader, I suppose.

These days, libraries still have books, but they also offer lots of other stuff, too. My library has a large DVD and music CD selection, and a ton of other resources. I can even borrow eBooks for my Kindle from my library. How cool is that? And through my library I have access to Freegal Music, where I can download three songs a week FOR FREE!!! To keep!!!

I love my library so much, I've applied to be a volunteer with this year's book sale fundraiser. Hopefully, that will work out. Who knows. maybe I'll eventually become a regular volunteer. I'll never be a bookmobile driver, but then again, with me you just never know.

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