Icelandic saga, part 4 (the final chapter)

This way to the Blue Lagoon

We may have only been in Iceland for four days, but we packed a lot in. Monday 04 March was our last day there. We checked out of our hotel and took a special bus out to the Blue Lagoon, Iceland's famous geothermal spa. Everyone said to wait until the day we were going back to the airport since it's just up the road from Keflavik. So that's what we did. Of course, Monday turned out to be the coldest day we were in Iceland. The temperature was about 22F/-5C, but the wind chill made it feel even colder. It figures!

The Blue Lagoon

Despite the cold, nothing could have stopped me from going in the water, which averages around 100F/38C. The water is naturally heated because the Blue Lagoon sits in a lava field and the water contains lots of minerals that are really good for your skin, so it doesn't just feel good -- it's therapeutic. My muscle aches and pains disappeared. In fact, it's been over a week now and I still don't have the horrible pains I usually have in my neck and back.

Inside the Blue Lagoon

I'll admit that once I got in, I didn't want to get out. Not only because I was scared I'd freeze to death on the way back indoors. But because it felt so GOOD!!! I enjoyed it so much that when we got back home, I looked up 'mineral baths' online to see if there was someplace closer to home that we might go to sometime.

But nothing else on Earth is like the Blue Lagoon. So if you ever go to Iceland, you must go. On your way back to the airport. Because that turned out to be really good advice.

Well, that was it for the Iceland trip. It was a short trip, and we used our time wisely. Thank you, Iceland, for a great time. We like you very much! :)

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