I'm going to be doing several entries today to try to make up for the time I've lost by not blogging since April. (I have no excuse for that other than I just decided to take a break from technology for a while.)

Memorial Day weekend (in May) often coincides with S's birthday, so we like to do something special that weekend. This year, we went to Highlands, North Carolina, where we stayed in the Old Edwards Inn. I've stayed in lots of amazing hotels/inns all over the world, but I must say, Old Edwards is one of my favorites! So for those of you looking for an awesome place to stay in western North Carolina, please go there as it gets my highest recommendation! (Yes, we did spa treatments, and OMG!!! Just go.)

The town of Highlands is close to several waterfalls, and we visited three of them: Bridal Veil Falls, Dry Falls, and Glen Falls. My favorite was Glen Falls. You have to walk down the mountain to get the best view, which of course means you have to climb back up. But it was worth it!

Another Highlands highlight is Sunset Rock. This is the kind of place where I could take a picnic and sit for hours enjoying the amazing scenery. But most folks go to watch the sunset over the town of Highlands.

Waiting for the sunset.

About 15 minutes after the above photo was taken.
All in all, a fabulous trip and a special birthday (S says it was her second favorite, after Ireland in 2005. That says a lot.) I look forward to re-visiting Highlands and the Old Edwards Inn again!

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