La Citadelle

La Citadelle de Namur . . . the Namur Citadel . . . is an impressive and very old structure that sits at the top of the hill overlooking the point where the Sambre and Meuse rivers converge. This view is from the Sambre riverbank, near my hotel. Le Citadelle was built during Roman times  and held an "authentic, buried military base" (to borrow words from the city guide provided by my hotel) deep inside its bowels from the 14th century all the way to the 20th century. It's been either too cold or wet for me to get a closer look, but hopefully I'll have the opportunity before I leave here.

This is not a big news day, so this entry will be short. Probably the highlight of the day was having some real Belgian fast food for lunch. Sophie took me to a little place along the Meuse river - very small, sort of reminded me of Pauline's BBQ back home (in North Carolina). Here you choose between several types of meats and some pomme frites, which were made to order and wrapped up in paper shaped like a cone. OMG. I really enjoyed my lunch! (I shall return to my semi-vegetarian diet when I get home. But until then, well, what is that saying about when in Rome? I'm not in Rome, but you get the point!)

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