Blue toothpaste

I have had it with blue toothpaste. Toothpaste should not be blue, or any other color that stains your white marble sink! Why would anyone want to use blue toothpaste, anyway? Seems logical to me that if it would stain your sink, it would stain your teeth! 

I've tried all kinds of toothpaste in my lifetime:
  • Plain old generic white "paste" toothpaste
  • Light blue and light green "paste" 
  • Plain old baking soda
  • A weird liquid toothpaste - not paste and not gel - that came from a squirt bottle
  • A certain brand of toothpaste that is very popular overseas, but hasn't really been popular in the States since maybe 1971
  • A red gel toothpaste that tastes cinnamony
  • Striped toothpaste
  • A really nasty sparkly toothpaste that my nephew used when he was, like, five years old
  • Orange-flavored toothpaste
  • Natural herbal toothpaste
  • A clear gel toothpaste with tea tree oil 
  • And of course, the infamous blue gel.
I have not yet tried (nor do I plan to try) my dogs' chicken flavored toothpaste, but honestly, I think that would be better than the blue gel.

I've decided that the best toothpaste for me is plain old Tom's of Maine white toothpaste. It tastes good enough and it does the job, without requiring me to use other chemicals or other hazardous materials to clean up after brushing my teeth. I prefer the spearmint flavor. 

Yes, it is kind of a slow week. :-)

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