Misery loves company

The past few weeks have been kinda stressful. Just a few examples:
  • My herniated cervical disk (C5-6) has flared up big time. It's VERY painful in my neck and shoulders, and often difficult to hold my head up! I'm not sleeping well, I'm grumpy, and basically I feel lousy all the time! Yes, I have an appointment with a specialist - but not until early June. (I don't like talking about my health, so will leave it at that.)
  • Sandy's Aunt (her Mom's sister) passed away, and that has been very sad. Aunt Betty had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer, but she never smoked . . . she died from complications of pneumonia, rather unexpectedly.
  • My Dad is in the hospital in North Carolina. Not sure what's going on yet - awaiting test results. Hopefully it will be something easily treated and he can get back to the farm and I can stop worrying about him.
  • A couple of weeks ago we had some drama. One of our neighbors called Animal Control on one of our dogs, saying that he bit her granddaughter. Our dog (an eleven pound Maltese with no history of biting) was leashed at the time, and under the control of an adult. I wasn't there. However, I doubt he actually "bit" the kid. Regardless, Animal Control was called and our dog had to be quarantined for ten days and now our dog has a "criminal record" and we have to pay a big fine and blah blah blah. The whole experience has me wondering why we have to leash dogs, yet it's OK to let kids run wild. But that's another blog entry.
I know it can't always be good, but it has me wondering what phase the moon is in? And is it stuck or something?

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