The big stretch

The last week or so has been kinda rough at work. OK, I don't really mean "rough" - I mean busy. I've been working on a special project that had a quick turnaround, and I had to really give it 110%. That required putting other things aside and even working most of the day on Sunday.  It also required me to stretch myself. "To stretch oneself" doesn't sound fun, does it? It sounds painful. In fact, sometimes it is. I don't often want to do it, but I usually realize after the fact that it wasn't so bad. And I always learn a lot.

Such was definitely the case this time. Whoa, did I stretch!!! Did I learn! My brain hurts!

I'm not there yet . . . I'm not quite finished with this project. But I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If all goes well, life should get back to normal by the weekend. I hope so, because I have lots of stuff to do. Like planting my fall garden! 

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