Early to bed, early to rise

If not for the alarm clock, I would sleep until 9-10AM each day. I prefer staying up until midnight or later. When I was in graduate school, my best working hours were from midnight until 4AM. I'm sure I could easily get back into this pattern. Unfortunately, the world's circadian rhythm isn't exactly in sync with mine, and it's up to me to conform. So I'm desperately trying to make a few changes.

Starting tomorrow, I have a new rule: I'm going to be in bed (or at least in my bedroom) by 9PM and off the computer by 10PM. Lights will be out by 10:30PM.  

This means . . . I have to reduce my "fun" time online. Namely, I have to quit some of my Facebook games. I will miss YoVille and Sorority Life. I will miss playing Farkle. But mostly, I'll miss Farm Town! I have the cutest little farm there - I've worked so hard to get it "just so." It's hard to leave it! But alas, there are only so many hours in a day . . . 

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