I'm still standin' - yeah, yeah, yeah

Based on recent FEEDJIT results, I really didn't think anyone was reading this blog anymore, so I was touched this week when a couple of my reader friends asked me: "What's up with your job?" in reference to my 16 January blog entry. Since I wrote that piece, I've learned that I'll probably be around until April or May or perhaps longer than that. Here's the skinny:

  • There are currently 10 people in my role.
  • The reorganization eliminated our role but created a new role with a different title and job description.
  • There are 5 of these new roles.
  • We were given an opportunity to apply for the new roles.
  • I decided not to apply for any of the new roles, for a variety of reasons but mainly because . . . 
  • . . . another group is "re-orging" and this group may have some opportunities that are more closely aligned to my skill set and interests.
  • Meanwhile . . . there's still a lot of transition work to be done in my "current" job.  
The bottom line is the refrain of the famous Elton John song: I'm still standin'. Maybe not better than I ever did, and I'm not necessarily feelin' like a little kid. But I haven't been voted off the island just yet.

OK. I would really like to blog about everything I have seen and felt these past few weeks. Some of my colleagues and I have experienced almost every emotion imaginable: shock, disbelief, sadness, anger, fear, confusion, giddiness, apathy and everywhere in between. Yet for some reason I haven't been able to write about these things. I want to be brave and optimistic, but it's not always easy.

Bear with me as I get through this. Because I will. Eventually.

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