10 things I'll miss about winter

Despite my extreme case of Seasonal Affective Disorder this winter, I'm kind of sad to see it go. I know that winter's departure means it's only a matter of a few more months before it's unbearably hot and humid here in central Indiana, and I'll be moaning about that. Anyway, consider this my homage to winter. I'll miss:

1.  Winter foods - like soups, stews, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and kale.
2.  Wearing long sleeves. Call this a personal quirk. I don't know why this is, and I haven't always been this way. But I don't like seeing arms at work. Mine or anyone else's.
3. My winter clothes. Especially my black flannel pants. I have always liked my winter clothes more than my summer clothes. And I hate wearing "spring" and "summer" colors, like pastels. Or any shade of yellow. Give me black all year round!
4. The handsome Pileated woodpecker who hangs out in the woods behind my house. He might be there this summer, but I won't be able to see him as often - or as clearly - once the leaves start popping out.
5.  Peace and quiet. As soon as it gets over 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the kids take over my neighborhood. They are loud and obnoxious. Come to think of it, so are their parents. What is it with people that they can't use their indoor voices in their yards? Sheesh.
6. Winter smells - like cinnamon and allspice and nutmeg. It just seems strange to burn candles with these scents when it's hot outside.
7. Using weather-related excuses when I'm feeling lazy. For example . . . "Sorry, but I can't go for an exercise walk because it's too cold." Or "Gee, I guess I'll have to sit in the massage chair and read a Sookie Stackhouse novel this afternoon because it's snowing so I can't [insert exterior-based chore here.]
8. My Vermont Flannels. Best pajamas in the UNIVERSE!!!
9. Pressing my face up against the glass and looking out at the woods behind my house. See #4 above.
10. Having the desire to run off to the Caribbean or some beach somewhere. This only happens to me in the months of January and February. I am definitely NOT a beach person the other ten months of the year. In fact, I stay away from beaches from March through December. Why? Because I don't like sand. And . . . I always get sunburned.

The truth is, I'm more of a winter person than a summer person! Oh, well . . . it will come again, eventually!

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