Bluer than robin's eggs

A robin decided to build a nest in one of the dead hanging baskets on our deck. Yesterday I happened to be on the back porch, and noticed that Mama Robin left the nest for a few minutes. I decided to try and see what was in the nest. I couldn't stretch far enough to see, so I got out my camera and held it over my head as far as I could. Imagine my surprise when I saw this photo!

If you ask me, Mama Robin isn't too bright. Not only will she have to deal with humans, dogs, and a cat occasionally hanging out on the back porch just feet away, but she's also exposed to the elements. Yesterday, we had winds of 40mph (well, this is Indiana, after all!) and Mama Robin sat on the nest while the hanging basket tossed around like a Merry Mixer.

Eventually, the baby robins will have to leave the nest. Then what? Will they plop down on the deck floor and knock themselves out? With a cat just feet away? Like I said, Mama Robin isn't too bright.

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