A work in progress

Look at all those levels . . . master mason at work!!!

Inspired by the weather and our lust for more vegetable gardening space, we decided to build a second raised bed. This one will be next to the deck, and here we'll grow taller plants such as tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers (and perhaps some shorter plants, too, if space permits.)

"Handy Sandy" designed the raised bed, dug the trench, and yeah, generally did all the really hard work. But I hauled the bricks from the truck in the front yard to the back, and I helped with the leveling -- never knew there were so many different types of leveling sand and tools. I also provided lots of food and water and moral support. :-)

Will put up a photo when it's finished in a few weeks . . . in the meantime, check out our backyard Azaleas! And to think that some people said: "You will NEVER get azaleas to grow in alkaline Indiana!" Bwhaa-ha-ha!!! (that was my Monster laugh.)

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