Classic cars

I've had so many positive comments about the red truck in the previous post, thought I'd share some of the other photos I took that Saturday night when we stumbled across a classic car show in Saint Pauls, North Carolina. I was particularly impressed with this beautiful Chevrolet Bel Air. Here's some of the other eye candy . . . um, not the guy. LOL.

One side of Broad Street was lined with old cars . . .

I saw some of my childhood favorites, like Chargers, Chevelles, Monte Carlos and Mustangs, as well as a really trippy pimped-out LTD and a couple of Novas. And then there were the really old cars, like this one . . .

Some of them had their hoods up so you could view the engines. They were all soooooo clean. You can tell these folks really love their cars!

They were still setting up when we arrived, and people were slowly gathering. A deejay was getting organized across the street, and country music was blaring through some outdoor speakers. I'm sure this blog entry would be even more interesting if we'd stuck around a bit longer, but we didn't. This time. :-)

By the way, I took all these photos with my iPhone. Despite the bright early evening summer sun, I think they turned out pretty good. Don't you?

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