The first two weeks in Charlotte

Hard to believe it's September! Even harder to believe . . . I've been in Charlotte just over two weeks. Most of that time has been really busy: unpacking the essentials, reacquainting myself with a city that's changed a lot since I lived here 24 years ago, starting a new job, etc. My parents visited with me that first weekend, overseeing the movers as they placed furniture and boxes and then helping me set up a few things. Mom decided to hang out with me that first week, so when the second weekend came around, I had to drive her back to the farm. That's a 2.5 hour drive away, so I stayed with them for most of the weekend.

When I came back Sunday afternoon, I felt rested and ready to go back to work on Monday . . . but by Wednesday of this week, I was sick. At first, I thought I was having a reaction to the local pollens (I'm allergic to ragweed, for example). But by Thursday, I was so miserable, I knew it had to be something more. I'm feeling a little better now, but the nurse practitioner I consulted said it might take 2 weeks for me to be back to normal.

The new apartment is FABULOUS . . . and no, I haven't unpacked all the boxes yet, and probably won't for a while. I LOVE the location of the apartment. It's close to Uptown (people call downtown "Uptown" in Charlotte, for some reason) and also close to the Southpark Mall, which is the mother of all shopping malls in the Carolinas. I can walk to some 15-20 restaurants, a grocery store, a movie theater, several shops, and my new massage therapist!!!

Work is going well so far! My co-workers have been welcoming, and my new manager is very patient with the new girl! I wonder how long I can play the new girl card? Haha. I've got a lot to learn about my new company and this new-to-me industry, but it certainly seems that I joined at a good time.

Now if only S and the dogs can get here, things will be just about perfect. I'll touch base again soon, hopefully with photos.

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