Sick of being sick

My readers are probably wondering what's up. After all, I've got this new job in a new city, so surely I must have tons of interesting stuff to write about. But I've only written a couple of entries in the last few weeks. Why? Because I've been under the weather. Really, really under the weather.

Eleven days ago - quite out of the blue - I got this sudden sore throat. Then my nose started running (and running . . . and running . . . ) At first I thought maybe it was allergies. After all, it's August, I'm in North Carolina, and I'm allergic to ragweed pollen. And sore throat/runny nose are two big allergy symptoms.

That's probably why I didn't think much about it at first. Except that my nose was running. A LOT. (Seriously, never had a constant drip like that before. Can you say "bucket", boys and girls?)

The chills and fever came on Day 2 and 3. I missed a day and a half of work (highly embarrassing since I just started!) just before Labor Day weekend. I was thinking: "Great! I should be all better by Tuesday!" since I had a long weekend to continue recovering.

Well, that was a week ago, and I'm still coughing, hacking, dripping (not as bad, thankfully). I also have this constant cold sweat thing going on. It feels sort of like a hot flash, but it's not hot. (So glad I have my sense of humor.)

I haven't been this sick since that time in Portugal. (Sophie, if you're reading this, you know what I mean!)

But I still have to go on. Life goes on. I've got work to do. And stuff to do. Yes, I did seek medical advice, and was told that I have a combination of one or more of the over 200 viruses that are called Rhinovirus, i.e., common cold. It doesn't feel so common.

I've been taking Mucinex DX and Sudafed, which when combined make me rather loopy and take away my appetite for pretty much anything except 1) sugar and 2) Chinese food. Don't ask me why. That's just the way it is.

So bring on the Kung Pao Chicken and the Crab Rangoons, and the granola and the evil little white powdered donuts, 'cause that's about all I can handle lately. Oh, and Pop Tarts. LOTS of Pop Tarts. The frosted strawberry kind. Give me all the sugar, all the preservatives, all the artificial flavors. Now that's medicine worth taking.

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