Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Feast for a queen

I went out to dinner tonight with fourteen of my closest co-workers. :-) It's Queen's Feast week (also known as Charlotte Restaurant Week) here in the Queen City . . . actually it's 10 days but hey, let's just call it a week. This evening we went to Santé, a wonderful French-themed restaurant in lovely downtown Matthews. Here's what I had:

Pan Fried Zucchini Cake with roasted red peppers and Bosky Acres feta cheese and a roasted poblano sauce.

Bacon Wrapped Trout stuffed with crawfish and tasso ham polenta and a summer corn sauce.

Blueberry Angel Cake (shown in the photo above).

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

Drool! Dinner was excellent. My only complaint is that I don't have time to go to more restaurants this time around. Hopefully Queen's Feast will return in January or February, and we can participate again. I'm already looking forward to it!