Preparation for D*day

Tomorrow - 24 January - is D*day . . . Detox day, that is. As many of you know, I'm on a little vacation between jobs (new job starts soon), and tomorrow just happened to be the one day this week when I didn't have plans. So I'm going to have this very new-to-me experience and see what happens.

I'm following the 24-hour plan in Gillian McKeith's You Are What You Eat. This afternoon, I went to EarthFare and got the things I'll need. Everything's in the kitchen waiting. My day is to start at 7AM and end at 9:30PM. I want to follow the program exactly as prescribed. I'm going to listen to calming music, wear comfy clothing, fire up some nice-smelling candles, avoid TV, and try to chillax all day long.

At least that's the plan.

It's hard to know what will really happen. I may be going nuts by mid-morning (no coffee is allowed - ironically, that's what I'm dreading the most). Quite possibly I may have some sort of breakdown. Having never done this before, I really have no idea. But I've already warned my loved ones that I may be "unavailable" except in the case of a true emergency. And I plan to write or at least take notes on my experience. I may even be blogging about it.

Send me good vibes tomorrow. And wish me luck. Thank you. :)

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