Olympics junkie, 2012 edition

I love London, and I love the Olympics. No surprise to me that London was an awesome Olympics host. As I write this, we're still watching the tape-delayed men's volleyball game with Russia and Brazil. Meanwhile, the closing ceremonies have just ended over in London. We'll get to watch them in 1.5 more hours!

I've admitted before that I'm an Olympics junkie -- and I have been for forty years. The first Olympics I remember took place in Munich. Yeah, that was the year that some bad stuff happened, and I was watching "live" when Jim McKay made the announcement. I was only eight years old then but I still remember his emotion. During the Montreal Olympics in '76, one of my friends got into gymnastics after watching Nadia Comenici get the perfect 10. I have some particularly fond memories of watching the '96 Summer Olympics (Atlanta) with my Dad . . . and who could forget Sydney in 2000? (I realize I've just written about Summer -- but I love the Winter games, too -- maybe even more than the Summer games.)

I love the opening ceremonies, especially when the athletes walk in. Maybe it's the girl in me but I love seeing what they wear. There's always something I want -- when the Winter Olympics were in Vancouver, I coveted the Canada mittens . . . thankfully my friend in Toronto sent me a pair. This year, I have a yearning for one Team Slovakia's funky fedoras. (Um, unlike some people, I actually thought they were cool.) Unfortunately, I don't currently know anyone from Slovakia who could hook me up.

I also enjoy the closing ceremonies, and am really looking forward to watching tonight's since I've been reading interesting Twitter feed for the last couple of hours. 

Anyway, the XXX Olympics are now officially over. London, you did an amazing job. Thank you! :)

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