The winter storm that wasn't

So today we were supposed to have some sort of winter storm. The predictions started about a week ago, and not without drama. A local newspaper included the phrase "up to five inches" in an article, which started a conversation or two about whether or not the newspaper should have written that when it's impossible to know for sure what was going to happen so far ahead of time.

My iPhone weather app began showing the snow and freezing rain symbols late last week. Yesterday, it indicated snow starting around 11AM today and freezing rain from 2-5PM. I checked again first thing this morning, and things had been pushed back a bit: snow at 2PM, freezing rain after that.

Local schools closed today in anticipation of "wintry mix." (It was supposed to be a make-up day from a snow day earlier this year. Ironic.)

Well, guess what? Nothing happened. Not a bloody thing. Except for rain, which came down hard starting around 3PM but didn't last long.

Talk about disappointing.

I know this is North Carolina, and we don't typically get much snow. I usually rejoice in that fact because I hate driving in it. But I was kind of psyched up for an event today and it didn't happen, and I feel really let down.

Just saying!


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