Ghost Ranch . . . and my future town?

A few hours outside of Santa Fe is a small town called Abiquiu. People I respect told me I needed to go there to visit Ghost Ranch while I was in the area. Artist Georgia O'Keeffe lived on the ranch for three years and in the area for many more. Ghost Ranch is now an education and retreat center owned by the Presbyterian Church and you should check out their website because they've got a lot of cool stuff going on there.

A cottage at the Ghost Ranch looking all New Mexico.
Dirt Road looking from Ghost Ranch to Pedernal, Georgia O'Keeffe's mountain.
Now, one of the reasons I came out to these parts is because I'm in the (very) early stages of looking for a place to retire. New Mexico -- specifically the Santa Fe area -- has made my short list. I fell in love with Santa Fe on Day 1, but then the unexpected happened . . .

I fell in love with a small town that wasn't on my radar. At all.

Awesome view along the Santa Fe - Los Alamos route.
I am now officially in love with Los Alamos, New Mexico, population approximately 15,000, home of the Los Alamos Research Laboratories and my friend T, who recently moved back there with her family after living East for several years.

Los Alamos has trees. And extremely clean air. And a high percentage of PhDs. And beautiful homes, such as these:

I want so badly to live there. In an adobe home. Like one of these.

And Los Alamos (which means "the Cottonwoods" - as in trees) was recently named one of the best small towns in America with its smart citizens and high quality of life. There are way more than 8 Reasons to Move to Los Alamos if you ask me.

What's not to love? I'm ready to move there RIGHT NOW.

In my next entry, I'll share some of the highlights of taking "the long way" from Santa Fe through Taos, Angel Fire, and Eagle Nest over to I-25. Until then...


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