Misunderstood lyrics

When we were kids, my sister (six years younger) and I were very into the pop music of the time. This was before iTunes, before satellite radio, before compact discs . . . back during the time when good stereo speakers were the size of Toyotas. Anyway, it seems as if music was on all the time, and my sister constantly misunderstood lyrics. Here are two solid examples:
  • "Love is in Control" by Donna Summer. Donna sings: "I've got my finger on the trigger, love is in control." My sister sang: "I've got my baby on the trailer, highway patrol."
  • "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John. Elton sings: "Hold me closer, tiny dancer. Count the headlights on the highway." My sister sang: "Hold me closer, Tony Danza. Count the headlice on the highway."
Like I said, those are just two examples. We've all seen the many other examples of misunderstood lyrics in those little daily calendars, online, and other places . . . my favorite is Jimi Hendrix's "'Scuse me while I kiss this guy" instead of " . . . kiss the sky."

I was thinking about these because I fell in love with a song when I was in Belgium last month, and just realized that I've misunderstood the song title, and now I'm cracking up about it. The song is by MGMT and I thought it was called "Electric Eel" ("shock me like an electric eel.") But it's "Electric Feel." Despite what the title is, this song is so cool, I just wanted everyone to check it out. It's the coolest, trippiest song I've heard in twenty-plus years. In fact, this band is cool. The music is different, funky, psychadelic. We will probably never hear it on regular radio in Indy. That it itself makes it worth checking out.

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