Sowing seeds

Spring is here, and I vowed to have a vegetable garden this year, so that means . . .  lots of work! Over the last few weeks, we've done quite a bit of prep work, including:
  • attending the Flower and Patio Show at the Fairgrounds (getting ideas!)
  • designing a wooden container for my raised vegetable garden (S is the architect, contractor, and builder)
  • purchasing organic seeds (leeks, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, two kinds of lettuce, wheatgrass, fennel, and whole bunch of others)
  • setting up AeroGarden #1 with the herb package . . . we now have tiny dill, chives, thyme, parsley, mint, and two kinds of basil coming up . . . the chives are already a couple of inches tall after just two weeks. It was so easy and successful (so far) that we ordered a second AeroGarden which just arrived yesterday . . . I'll plant the salad greens pack in #2 this weekend.
  • sowing more seeds indoors . . . and seeing little sprouts within two days
  • making a lot of notes so things will be a little easier next time!
Here in Indiana, our last frost date is sometime in mid-May, and we're not really supposed to plant anything outdoors until then. But it takes 6-9 weeks for the seeds to sprout into seedlings that can be planted in the outdoor garden. 

I have a feeling that I'll be blogging about this quite a bit in the weeks and months to come. Will try to get some photos of the AeroGarden - it's so cool!

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