When I grow up

I know a man who, from the first time he set foot on an airplane as an eight year old child, knew that he was destined to become a commercial airline pilot. He was able to plan out his entire career while still in high school, and has never looked back.

A high school classmate of mine knew in ninth grade that she wanted to become an engineer. This was still a male-dominated field back then, but she did it anyway, despite being only slightly above average as a student.

I know a young woman who has always wanted to be a writer, and despite the odds of that, she's now getting paid for her words and making it on her own in Los Angeles.

I wasn't like this at all. I never had a plan - because I never could decide on one thing to focus on. That would be way too boring for me!!! I just sort of fell into my career as a result of drifting. (OK, maybe it's not as simple as that, but it does make for an interesting sentence.)

So I'm curious . . . how many of my friends/readers knew when they were young that they wanted to be a corporate trainer, or pharmacist, or psychologist, or whatever you are now? Did you actually plan for this career from the time you were eleven, or did you fall into it? Is there something else you'd rather be doing . . . some fantasy career? Write some comments, people.

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