Junk food junkie

One of my Facebook friends recently wrote something in her status update about having some Andy Capp's Hot Fries. I have a confession to make: "I love me some Andy Capp's Hot Fries." I cannot tell you why. But periodically, they call to me like sirens, and I must submit. I have no choice in the matter.

Last February, I spent three weeks in Belgium, and everyday I had to buy my food from a grocery store. I tried eating healthy. Honestly, I did. But most days, my options were limited to the small neighborhood market. After three days of slimy pre-made iceberg lettuce salads and sad sliced tomatoes, I gave up, and slid into a pattern of eating like an unsupervised eleven-year-old. Belgium has some amazing junk food, most notably of the sweet variety, e.g., Belgian waffles, pain au chocolat and other pastries, syrup waffles, pralines and other chocolates, and the amazing Speculoos spread. But I think that country also wins the award for the most creative savory snack flavors. (See example here.) They've got paprika, hot chili, tomato ketchup, dill pickle, salt-and-pepper, and . . .  perhaps the winner for most original flavor . . .  "chicken and goat cheese" potato chips.

I didn't try all the available flavors because once I got a taste of the paprika and the hot chili, those were the only two I wanted. Oh, how I wish we had those same exact flavors here in the USA. I promise you I have looked, without success. But my mouth is watering now. The Crave has officially begun. I need to find some Andy Capp's. Soon. (Thank you, Simone, for the "subliminal" suggestion!)

What can I say? "Hello. My name is Mariandy and I'm an occasional junk food junkie." Have pity on me.

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