Snow update

No idea what time the snow started, but when I woke up at 6:30AM, the ground was covered. By 8:30AM (approx. when this photo was taken), we had 3-4 inches, and by noon we were up to 6 inches. Now, at 2PM, it's still snowing. One of my Facebook friends who lives nearby reported "8 inches and counting" just a few minutes ago. This is definitely some sort of record.

There was no traffic on the road this morning, so things were eerily quiet until my cousins Sandra and Anna came over on their four wheeler. Sandra was driving, and Anna was riding on a large empty horse feed sack that was tethered to the four wheeler. We heard that the electricity is out in some areas. Our lights flickered several times, but so far, we're good. The question now becomes . . . when will I get back to Charlotte?!!

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