White Christmas?

Merry Christmas from southeastern North Carolina, where we're under a winter storm warning. This is something that hardly ever happens here, yet according to the most recent report, we're expecting anywhere from 4 to 6 inches of snow overnight and tomorrow! I grew up here and never remember having more than 1-2 inches of snow at a time. In fact, most years it doesn't snow at all here, so that should tell you just how unusual this event is. Of course, everyone's excited. I'm told that grocery stores emptied out yesterday as people prepared "just in case" (most stores were closed today for Christmas) and today my Dad suggested for me take my car to town to fill up with gas "just in case." (I hope I'm not sorry later that I didn't take his advice!) Anyway . . . the next 24 hours are sure to be interesting. I'll fill you in when I can.

Hope you had a great holiday! :-)

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