Afternoon @ the lake

This afternoon we drove up to Lake Norman to see some of my extended family. My cousin Bill retired recently, so we celebrated that with a retirement piƱata, which is sure to be the next big thing at Baby Boomer retirement parties. The weather was perfect, so we were able to relax on the patio overlooking the lake . . . while wearing borrowed straw hats (because it was a straw hat kind of day).

BUT BEFORE we went up to Lake Norman, I met cousins Ginny & Tom at a South End deli called The Common Market. I'd read about some of their sandwiches being "Best in Charlotte" in Charlotte Magazine, and was not disappointed. I had the black-eyed peas and spinach soup and the mid-eastern wrap, two of the many vegan items on the menu.

It was a great day! Now I have to go set my clocks up an hour. Hope y'all don't forget to do the same.

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