Here's the dirt

Let me tell you, this is a hard row to hoe.

We returned to the farm last weekend, really excited to see what was coming up after the planting of seeds on 28 February. There was a hard rain just a few days after we planted, so we weren't sure what we'd find. Fortunately, the rain didn't seem to have much of an impact on anything except the lettuce. We'll have lettuce - just not all we planted. Oh, and then there was the case of the missing spinach. As in . . .  the spinach was totally gone, wiped clean. Deer tracks all around revealed clues as to its disappearance. My Mom had warned us that deer love spinach, and she was right.

So I guess we won't be growing spinach.

In the meantime, the carrots are looking fantastic. They'll need thinning in a few weeks. And the baby bok choy . . . wow, if that keeps up, it's going to be beautiful. Everything else is on target.

We planted a few more things on Saturday:
  • 20 pepper plants (cayenne, green bell, red bell, yellow bell, hot banana, and sweet banana)
  • 100 sweet onion plants 
  • An entire, very long row of sweet corn
  • A half row of golden beets
  • A half row of early peas (which really, we should have planted two weeks ago)
You can see in the photo above just how big the "garden" is and how long the rows are. But we haven't even planted half of it yet!

Everyone's pooped after a long day on the farm . . . even Chelsea.
So much work yet to be done, but we're enjoying it. No complaints . . . yet!

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