Spring frolic

Cody, just moments before the frolicking started.
Today was a perfect 73F/23C sunny Carolina day, so we took the dogs for a walk. At first, we went to Sedgefield Park (a small neighborhood park between Park Road and South Boulevard) but we wanted to go for a long walk, so we walked all around the Sedgefield neighborhood.

At one point, we came across a yard with lush green "winter" grass (sort of like the kind we had in our yard in Indiana). Chelsea decided to sit down and rest a bit. At first, Cody wasn't so sure. But then he plopped down on the grass . . . and it felt so good, he rolled around in it. Over. And over. And over!

Chelsea says it's time for a break.
Cody lets it all hang out.
In case you're wondering what the pink stuff in the grass is, it's petals from a tulip tree. They peaked last week and then we got a hard rain, so lots of the petals fell off the trees.

Yes, it's spring here in Carolina! And we're (almost) as excited about it as the dogs are. :-)

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