Baked goods

I went to a "Chef's Choice" cooking class at Johnson & Wales University a few weekends ago. The topic was Viennoiserie, or Vienna style baked goods. Here are some of the things I made in the class:

Croissants and brioche rolls

Croissant, up close and personal. Our croissants had 81 layers.

A "coffee roll" made from spiced brioche dough, blueberry and streusel topping.
A bear claw stuffed with creme cheese and pineapple confit filling.
Apple streusel danish.

Apricot creme cheese danish.
Blueberry cream cheese danish.
Cherry creme cheese danish.
I'm fairly confident that I can reproduce the doughs we made in the class (croissant and brioche doughs), but the process is both time-consuming and labor intensive. So I'm not sure how often I'll be baking. Still, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday . . . and I hope I can go to another class someday soon! :-)

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