Bunches of chard

I'm happy to announce that Swiss chard grows really well on our little farm. In fact, we have so much of it, it's coming out of our ears!!!

Washing the chard . . . a very important task, unless you want extra protein.
The only thing I don't enjoy so much about the chard is washing it. You really have to wash it several times . . . as many as six times . . . to get all the dirt and other possible items. Of course, you should do this with all of your greens. ESPECIALLY those greens you get in bags at the store. Don't be fooled by statements on the packaging saying that the stuff is pre-washed. Even if it says "washed three times" . . . you'll want to wash it again. And again.

But I digress. This entry is supposed to be about Swiss chard. My favorite Swiss chard recipe is a Swiss chard frittata, but I like it simply sauteed in olive oil with a little sea salt, too.

Try it. You might like it!

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